domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011


Retrocedamos 30 años,cuando la era post-punk,epoca del movimiento: New wave/Cold wave/Synth wave reinaba en aquellos tiempos,sonando obscuro,frio,depresivo dando un enfoque interno demasiado crudo asi como externo.

New Order: junto con Joy Division nos proporcionaron ese sonido que: Francia(1ra cuna del Cold wave) adopto junto con: Belgica(2nda cuna del Cold wave) en el sonido: Cold wave/New wave que en estos tiempos se extraña y se vuelve a tocar tanto en tornamesas,cassettes y cd's la musica antigua y ya olvidada solo por algunas gentes y re-editados por algunas disqueras,pero...a los que nos encata este estilo musical que de echo fue y es el principio de todo en este tipo de musica,siempre la recordaremos y conservaremos como una joya eterna para nuestra alma.

Recomiendo al maximo estas paginas o blogs,dedicados tanto a Joy Division y New Order,con bootlegs y rarezas facinantes y fenomenales;la verdad nunca habia visto tanto material tan increible de la mejor banda del mundo(Joy Division/New Order),gracias y saludos a los dueños de los blogs de nuevo gracias por compartir tanto!!!:

Doubts even here: nos recuerda a: Decades y The eternal,si como: New dawn fades de: Joy Division y la increible banda de Siglo xx: Autumn,rola que recomiendo al maximo!!.

Espero les agrade y guarden este 7'' inch que incluye una version en vivo bastante increible tanto en sonido y calidad facinantes!!!.

Saludos a todos hermanos!!.


A Side

A1 Doubts even here(Album version)

B Side

B1 Doubts even here(Live version)

Doubts even here,lyrics:

Those steps wich seem to take a lifetime

When eyes just turn and stare

The day begins,collapsing without warning

You fade from sight,there's nothing there

No hope allowed,calls are answered daily

Questions are on your side

Deeply moved,beyond all consolation

You felt the pulse,now here the cry

In my mind,thoughts are becoming clarer

I'm watching every move you make

Counting time spent in observation

A single blow a false mistake

Then you reveled to me

All that I need to know now

(The close went down to times

Too,too much behind us)

Then please don't turn away

Why can't I talk to you now?

(The number of forgotten years

Where my honour isn't deepest

Grows the deepest feeling and it

Grieved for safety and despair)

There's no where left to go

Where is this taking her and how?

(The torish treats forevermore

Over our natural favour

And us and he's and I'll fall

Far in it,and it sees enough

In our failures and it's noT time.)

There's nothing more I want

To know beyond your trust now

(I missed his promised time again

From my friend)

Don't throw our joy away

Why must you just you leave now?

(Has God forgotten to approach us?

Has he remembered to not despise us?

Memories are all that's left

I need you near to me now

(There,now,now,don't come to mind my deeds

And call out in defiance of time gones by)

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