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Bien, saludos a todos uds, les traigo una entrevista exclusiva de esta banda que aparecio el pasado (2011), llamada: ''Words and actions'', sonando bastante retro y especial, recordando a bandas como: Joy Division, New Order, Clan of Xymox entre otras interesantisimas agrupaciones  que nos han dejado un excelente sabor de boca a todos nosotros, los amantes de la musica de vanguardia.
Esta entrevista me la concedio: ''Davide'', y me comento lo siguiente:
hola fernando,
claro que puedes publicar esta entrevista en tu blog!

mis respuestas son en ingles, esta bien lo mismo?
en espanol era demasiado complicado para mi...

haceme saber por favor si todo es ok y cuando sera en tu blog!

muchas gracias por tu interes,

Asi que estudien bien las siguientes  respuesta que Davide me hizo el favor de contestarme para el blog y todos uds, que lo disfruten.
(Las preguntas estan en español, pero tambien en ingles asi como las respuestas, gracias por su comprension)
01 ¿Cual es la procedencia del nombre de la banda?
1- Where did the band name come from?

I think The Sound “Heads and Hearts” album title inspired me.

02 ¿Tu estilo musical es: Cold wave mezclado con Minimal wave?
2- Your musical genre is: Cold wave mixed with Minimal wave?

I would say we play Cold wave mixed with Synth post punk, but just because in my mind Minimal wave conveys the idea of  “sweet” and “minimal” sounds.
We use only synth instruments in this project but I think our sound is too tough, coarse and imperfect to be labelled Minimal, but I mean, this is just my opinion and anyway it's disputable.

03 Tu banda: ''Words and actions'', tiene influencia de Joy Division?
3- Your band “Words and Actions” is influenced by Joy Division?

Well I think every proper Dark wave band is somehow influenced by Joy Division, I mean, they are the godfathers of this movement. And yes I really like the baritone singing.

04 ¿Que piensas del movimiento Cold wave/New wave en estos tiempos modernos?
4- What do you think about present day cold wave / new wave?

In the last years we witnessed a sort of post punk revival, even if the sound of present day bands is often too “perfect” in my opinion.
I think that genres like black metal, emocore and darkwave must sound lo-fi.
In addition, 90s weren't easy to get across by this subculture and often bad influences were introduced (I think i.e. to “industrial metal” influences). In my opinion Dark wave gives its best when it's still “punk”. And this interpretation seems to me to be revived by many present day goth bands.

05 ¿En tus palnes esta grabar cd singles o albums en formato cd, o siempre grabaras en formato K7''?
5- Do you plan to release your music on CD or always on K7''?

I think we'll go on with analogic formats like K7'', vinyls and vhs. They seem to us much more suitable for our music.
At the same time a streaming version of our songs will be always available on our facebook and soundcloud pages.

06 ¿Tu musica es futurista, porfavor explicanos hacerca del concepto “Words and Actions”?
6- Your music is futuristic, can you explain us the “Words and Actions” concept?

I like “Words and Actions” name because it sounds quite epic and passionate. It reminds me something like “your life is what you do and say”.

07 ¿”Words and Actions” es el futuro de revivir el estilo Europeo, Cold wave/New wave?
7- Is “Words and Actions” trying to bring back European Cold wave?

I think Cold wave got the climax of Dark wave movement and sound. I hope it will get more common and popular next years.

08 ¿Cual es el rumbo de “Words and Actions”?
8- What is “Words and Actions” goal?

Not easy to answer this question. I would say this band was born because of a need. I was in love with a precise kind of sound and I thought it would have been great to have a band that played in that way again nowadays.
By the way a goal could be to play more gigs, especially abroad.
And to keep on releasing new songs.

09 ¿Cuales son tus bandas favoritas que escuchas a diario?
What are the bands you're listening to every day?

My latest fetish is this new “crust-goth” wave that raised in the last years (Funeral parade, Lost tribe, Bellicose minds, Moral hex, Belgrado, etc).
I really hope Funeral parade members will reunite very soon. It's a pity they just released five songs.
Besides these new bands, I often listen to many old French cold wave bands (Péché Mortel, L'an III, Art Decade, Bunker Strasse, Brigade Internationale, Décades, Norma Loy, Leitmotiv, Clair Obscur, Trisomie 21, Martin Dupont, Kas Product, etc) and obviously to some old gothic rock classics like Sisters of mercy, Christian death, The naked and the dead and many others.
Oh and D.A.F. obviously.

Increibles respuestas que ''Davide'', lider y cantautor de la banda, respondio en exclusiva para este blog: Tears and dreams 7'' & 12'' inches, dando oportunidad a saber mas de: ''Words and actions'', que para mi punto de vista son lo maximo en estos momentos.
Recordemo que ''Italia'' ha dado bastantes e increibles bandas como: ''Weimar Gesang'', ''XNO'', ''Faded image'' asi como las bandas provenientes de: ''Francia'', ''Belgica'', ''Inglaterra'', ''Holanda''.
Espero le haya agradado esta entrevista, que tambien nos emociona al mismo tiempo ya que ''Words and actions'' esta entre los consagrados a mi punto de veer y esperemos mas sorpresas y noticias, de nuevo gracias!!!
Pagina oficial de la banda:
Si estas interezado en obtener el album de ''Words and actions'', llamado: ''Can't feel'' (2011):
(Compralo en: Mecanica):
Gracias Davide por esta oportunidad!.

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